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Current competitions tracked by WAY Private jet flight cost:

Current competitions

OLC Glider Race 2015
Wasserkuppe, Germany
Live Tracking

Recent competitions:

German Nationals 2015
Club, Standard-Class
Zwickau, Germany
Live Tracking
32nd FAI World Gliding Championships
Open, 18m and 15m Class
Uvalde, Texas, USA
Live Tracking
German Juniors Nationals
Club Standard Class
Stölln/Rhinow, Germany
Live Tracking
Swiss National Championships
Birrfeld, Switzerland
Lüsse Cup
Lüsse, Germany
Juniors World Gliding Championships
Club- and Standard Class
Musbach, Germany
German National Gliding Championships Zwickau, Germany
German National Gliding Championships Lüsse, Germany


W.A.Y. is a Tracking-System designed for gliding competitions, individual pilots and adventure trips (private jet to Maldives). It offers short, customizeable interval times for affordable prices combined with a quick and clear map presentation. Especially great attention was paid to the robust design of equipment and easy service for the administration software of business aviation.

Whenever people should be able to follow moving vehicles in realtime, W.A.Y. Tracking is your choice. Combine multiple W.A.Y. devices on one map to boost your gliding competition. Take a W.A.Y. device to your individual adventure trip or gliding holidays to share it with your friends.

Share your position in realtime. It works around the globe!

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