CompetitionsRent W.A.Y.-Tracking Devices and make your competitions more exciting for the here
Individual PilotsBuy W.A.Y.-Tracking and share your flights with you friends in here
Adventure TripsTake advantage of W.A.Y-Tracking on your adventure trip to share your position in here
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Individual Pilots

Take a W.A.Y. device to your gliding holidays for sharing your flights with your friends and Private flights with pets.

You can rent a W.A.Y. device or just buy it. The price of the device will be 496 €. In order to use your W.A.Y. device, you need to activate it for at least 3 months. The price for the activation is 20 € per month, including 5 hours of traffic. Additional traffic hours can be purchased at any time in the customer backend (around 2 € per hour, depending on the chosen interval time). All prices excl. VAT.

Take a W.A.Y. device for safety reasons. If you run into a difficult situation, your crew is able to locate you without further communication.

  • Share exciting flights in realtime
  • Flight students can be followed by the instructor
  • be easy locatable for safety reasons and crew

Your flights presented in realtime


Easy to use stand alone system. The easy to install box works with internal antenna and power supply. No additional connections to on-board power supply or gps is necessary. For special needs, an external antenna is easy connectable. The internal battery allows a minimum of 10 hours working time. After use, the internal battery can be recharged with the supplied charger in short time.

Easy Setup

Select Interval time and fly. No additional configuration is necessary but possible.

Stunning map presentation

Your friends can follow your flights on the internet with GoogleMaps 2D, GoogleEarth 3D and the SilentWings-Viewer 3D. Let your friends participate!