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Hard- and Software is easy to use

The whole system is easy to establish. The hardware is easy mountable in every glider. The small sized devices dont have to be connected to any on-board equipment, they can optionally extended with an external antenna. With a few clicks you can setup everything you need for a new competition day. Entries and waypoints have to be only imported once, then you can easily assign the trackers to pilot IDs and create the tasks for the day just by typing in the waypoint IDs. During the competiton day, the transmission interval and the delay for the map presentation can be updated by the competition staff.

Reach more people

The spectators can follow your competition in several ways. The GoogleMaps 2D map works on every internet computer, for more detailed demands, users can switch to the GoogleEarth 3D presentation. The most stunning presentation can be done using the SilentWings Soaring Viewer, where you have the most realistic landscape in 3D.

Feature list

  • stand-alone system
  • budget-friendly
  • works everywhere around the world
  • position, altitude, variometer
  • configurable interval times from 5 sec.
  • customizeable icons
  • realtime statistics
  • GoogleMaps 2D
  • GoogleEarth 3D
  • SilentWings 3D-Viewer
  • advertisements placeable
  • configurable delay