CompetitionsRent W.A.Y.-Tracking Devices and make your competitions more exciting for the public Private jet flight here
Individual PilotsBuy W.A.Y.-Tracking and share your flights with you friends in here
Adventure TripsTake advantage of W.A.Y-Tracking on your adventure trip to share your position in here
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Public viewing of W.A.Y and Spot Tracking on mega screens and over the internet.

Allow your audience to follow the gliders from home, with GoogleMaps 2D, GoogleEarth 3D or the soaring simulator SilentWings in 3D.
  • flight information
    • position, speed, altitude, variometer, heading
    • 2D and 3D track
    • barogram
  • environmental information
    • airfields, airspace, different map types
    • fully configurable
  • task information
    • Racing and AAT Tasks
  • realtime statistics based on the given task
    • speed forecast
    • departure time
    • approx. time of finish
    • approx. ranking between tracked gliders
  • administration backend
    • easy to use, no need of expert skills
    • waypoints and entries list
    • pilot to device assignment
    • settable delay for public maps
    • realtime map for competition director


Push our sport, reach more people, make it more exciting.

Place ads in the map, to get additional advertising opportunities.


Its not expensive!

Satellite traffic is considered to be expensive. We put a lot of efforts in optimizing the data transmission to the minimum.

The competition fee starts at 300 € per competition, depending on the competition size (covers shipping, testing, after competition maintenance, server traffic and load). The per device costs are: If you choose a 45 second interval time, your rent price will be only 20 € per day and device (excl. VAT). on-site service: price depends on travel and accommodation costs and expenditure - please aks for details - usually this service is only necessary for special needs, detailed user instructions are attached and will be sufficient.